The "Heathen" Muzzle Brake "LITE" 0.885 30CAL 5/8x24


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The Heathen Muzzle Brake was developed to provide the optimal balance between recoil management and muzzle blast while allowing the shooter to maintain sight picture and alignment with the target. The Heathen was specifically designed to produce minimal blast and disturbance directed toward the shooter and spotter reducing fatigue, ground debris disturbance and muzzle jump.


Additional Information

Additional information

Caliber Designation

.308/30cal, .338, 22cal/.224, 6.5mm/.264, 6mm/.243, 7mm/.284, N/A

Thread Specification & Body

1/2×28 0.750 dia, 18×1 (metric) 0.995 dia, 3/4×20 1.125" 5-Port, 3/4×24 0.995 dia, 3/4×24 0.995 dia 4-Port, 3/4×24 1.125" 5-Port, 5/8×24 0.885 dia, 5/8×24 0.995 4-Port, 5/8×24 0.995 dia, 5/8×24 0.995 dia 3-Port, 5/8×24 1.125" 5-Port, 9/16×32 0.750 dia, N/A, NA


Original Heathen, Heathen Hybrid, hybrid "INSERT" only, insert "TOOL" only


The Heathen Lite was developed to be the lightest possible brake for minimal POI change. This brake has performed extremely well on even the magnum chamberings. We don’t reccomend this brake on semi-auto rifles as a steel brake will have better abrasion resistance when high volume fire increases the heat imposed on the brake.

This brake uses a grooved nut to allow the user to install and index the brake without tools. The Heathen Lite is Anodized for an incredibly smooth, hard and wear-resistant finish.


  • Developed by Insite Arms – from 6061
  • Thread Dimensions: 1/2×28,  5/8″ x 24
  • Caliber  inscribed
  • Small flat machined on the bottom face allowing the use of a level to index
  • Black Anodized Finish


Heathen 0.885
This Heathen was made to fit medium-weight barrels such as those found on the Ruger Precision Rifle, Sako TRG, Remington Sendero. It best suits contours from medium Palma to MTU.