Manners Composite Stocks PRS2 Scorched Earth Camo Molded SA


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Manners PRS2


Rem 700 Short Action
M5 Badger / APA / Hawkins DBM inlet

1 Sling bottom Front

2 Left Flush Cups

Heavy Palma Barrel Channel

1″ Butt Pad
Scorched Earth Camo




Additional Information

Additional information



Developed exclusively for the Precision Rifle Series, these two additions to the Manners lineup were designed and constructed to imitate an I-beam for strength and stiffness.Both stocks have a wide, flat bottom for shooting off barricades, and both have a very shallow forend tip.
The key difference between the two is in the bottom of the butt section. The PRS1 has a hook for the shooter to control the rifle with his non-trigger hand and the PRS2 does not. Both PRS stocks come standard with the Elite layup.