What Our Customers Say

“Insite Arms are a group of great guys that are very knowledgeable about their craft who create exceptional final products, and provide great customer service. I have recently ordered a custom 6xc barrel for my Desert Tech rifle and couldn’t be more happy with the final product. Harley was able to answer all my questions and provided valuable advice as I was deciding on the specifics of my barrel, and when I had mentioned that I was still looking at sourcing a barrel extension myself, he said that they would be able to order one for me.

My first range trip with the barrel was to the local 100 yard range, and I left with a smile from ear to ear. I ended up shooting 9 groups that day, and 6 of the groups were in the .2’s or .3’s (the other 3 groups were .4’s). I was so happy with the rifle that once I returned from the range I loaded up 45 more rounds to stretch out a bit. At 300 yards I was able to repeat the same results I got the previous day at 100 yards, with my beat group being .25 MOA.

I also had a Heathen muzzle brake put on the barrel. It’s a fantastic brake that very effectively reduces recoil while also minimizing the concussion felt by people around me. The effectiveness of the break allowed me to spot the bullet trace of my own shots at 500 yards.

To conclude, I am extremely happy with my barrel from Insite Arms and I plan on getting additional barrels done up once my current ones burn out, or for when I want to play with another caliber.

Thanks again for the barrel!”

– B. McClure

“I am fortunate to own a number of fine rifles – both custom and high end factory offerings – and last year I was pleased to add to my collection a full custom rifle from Insite Arms which is a Canadian company based out of Lloydminster, Alberta. Not only was the quality of workmanship unsurpassed in any of my other rifles but the accuracy was simply outstanding – the tactical style bolt action repeater Insite Arms made for me was actually the equal of my custom built F-Open rifle ! Furthermore, I am pleased to add that the level of communication – via email and over the telephone – was excellent with questions answered and opinions sought.
Since that first rifle from Insite I have commissioned three other builds and have received back two of them and I remain fully satisfied and impressed with workmanship, accuracy and communications.
In my view, the true test of a company can be found in how it handles problems and in this regard Insite simply shines. One of my builds had an issue with a component that affected accuracy; Insite assisted me in trouble shooting the problem, was prompt and professional in remediating the issue at no charge to me and kept me fully apprised of the progress. Clearly, Insite’s service extends beyond the sale and so I say “full marks all around”!
I would tell anyone interested in a premier quality rifle build to contact Andy and Harley at Insite Arms and I would further say that, in my experience, one will not find a better place in Canada to do business with.”

– Bob Abrams

“These are some of the results of my latest custom rifle build from the guys at Insite Arms…a 6XC built on a Deviant action and shooting out to 300m. The target dots are approximately 2 cm (13/16″) in diameter and the 5 shot groups are just under 0.3 MOA average for the 3 groups. In other words, an excellent degree of accuracy and consistency at that distance, for me. On the same day, I was also shooting 3 additional rifles including a 6.5 x 47 Lapua (another custom tactical build by Insite Arms, on a Surgeon 591 action). The 6.5x47L didn’t quite equal the groups shot by the 6XC, but not too far off, either (just over 0.4” MOA at 300m).

Of particular interest was that I was also shooting two custom, heavy varmint class, Bench Rest rifles (Pierce and Borden single shot actions) in 6PPC and 6BR, respectively. Both the BR rifles are capable of extreme short range accuracy. However, neither BR style rifle could match the average accuracy of these two custom tactical rifles built by Insite Arms, on this day.

I can’t say enough about how happy I am with my Insite Arms rifle builds. I am only an average marksman. In skilled hands, who knows what these rifles might be capable of?”

– Ted Cote

“I’m a project manager in Vancouver, and I love PRS and ELR shooting.I’ve been build 5 rifles and bought many barrel from them . All of them r super nice and precision . Most important reason I decided do business with them cuz they r very nice and very patient guy . Even my English not very good at first time when I call them , they still explain every question that I have . After first rifle done from them , I knew they worth to trust.”

– Alex Nie

“I am a career engineer with over 30 years of experience working with a major oil production company. On the job, I appreciate precision manufactured equipment as it gives me confidence and makes my work life easier. In my spare time, I have developed a love for precision shooting. Punching small groups or hitting ridiculously tiny targets has become an obsession. I became tired of “off the shelf” or semi-custom rifles because they often can’t do what they claim, due to sloppy manufacturing or poor workmanship. When my obsession demanded a custom rifle build, I did my research and read all the good reviews about Insite Arms. I asked them to build me a 6.5×47 Lapua on a Surgeon action. They did exactly what we agreed to and built me an exquisite piece of precision equipment. Without a doubt the rifle shoots better than I do…far exceeding my expectations. Andrew and Harley are great people to deal with. They answered all my questions and made sound technical recommendations. It was such a positive experience that I am now in the process of getting a second custom rifle build through this top notch company. If you are looking for that special, precision rifle, I highly recommend Insite Arms.”

– Ted Cote

“1st 6xc Bat action, Mcmillan A-5, 1-8 25″ Hawk hills barrel with a Jewl trigger. This rifle is absolutely amazing shoots consistent 1 hole 100yd groups. Shot the best 3 shot group in my life at 600yds that a quarter can cover. Fit and finish is awesome 2nd 6xc Defiance Deviant, Mcmillan A-5, 1-8 26″ Dimple Fluted 1.25″ straight Taper Brux barrel with a Bixn Andy trigger
This rifle is also absolutely amazing. Haven’t shot it any distance as of yet but it puts 5 in one tiny ragged hole at 100yds. The fella (Harley) that puts these rifles together puts everyone of them together as if it were his own or better. Shoots each and every one to make sure everything is A OK. Ever need a question answered Harley is more than happy to answer or find out the answer and get right back to you. This guy is a NO BS kind of guy. I am currently having INSITE ARMS build me another gun for some PRS shooting that I am going to try this summer. Cant wait. Anyone that has had a gun built by Insite knows exactly what I am talking about when I say SHOOTS AWESOME.
If you want talk about the builds that I have from Insite Please email me or give me a call.
Thanks again for everything and keep up the great work”

– B. Gibbs

“All right little bit of an update on The Heathen Brake. Have about 300 rounds through it so far and have to say I’m extremely happy I went with your brake. My buddy has an area 419 brake and it just beats the snot out of me next to him on the line even the small 6.5 Creedmoor made it unbearable to shoot next beside. On my 6mm I have not got any complaints, I have shot almost exclusively off of barricades and have to say the brake simply kicks ass. And the fact that I can remove it for my direct thread can easily.; I’m super impressed and glad I’ve gone with the Heathen. Can’t wait to shoot an entire PRS season with it! Thanks again for a superior product!”

– P. Smith, Florida

“I have a custom 6.5 Creedmoor on a AI chassis built by Insite. Since the build everyone that has shot the rifle admires the accuracy for long range shots. Adjust the scope hold the x on the target and pull the trigger:Hits are that easy! It has shot 4” groups at 800M and gophers at over 440M. Many world record holding shooters have described it as a laser. I have been so impressed with the build quality and accuracy of this rifle that I am having another one in a larger caliber built for longer range shooting. Harley and Andy do such an excellent job of these it seems there is no other place to have one built.”

– David Faas, Alberta

“I’ve know Harley for awhile now ; I could tell from our conversations that he knew what he was talking about when it came to rifles. I initially had a rifle built by another company and I wasn’t happy with it. Harley Told me to give them a chance to build me something special. I was skeptical at first after my first episode. I do a lot of hunting and shooting, I still wanted something that could reach out there and touch something. The rifle I have is a 338 Norma and it’s the best rifle I’ve ever held in my hands, it shoots amazing. Built to work but also built to last. Can’t say enough about the craftsmanship of this rifle. Customer service is great! These guys have a lot of knowledge; I will be getting them to build more in the future.”

– Damien Fudge, Alberta

“I for sure would have another rifle built by Insite. Your rifles are amazing. Very well built, accurate and dependable. And your customer service has been phenomenal.”

– Harold Horsefall